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October 14, 2009, 4:32 pm
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adventures (red version)Rainy days are bookstore days and so, after a quick stop at Le Wal-Mart to pick up sacks of Peanut M&Ms for my Oct 31. 24-hour Peanut M&M-Binge-O-Rama, that’s exactly where I was yesterday afternoon. The Young Adult Fiction of this particular chain bookstore is a kind of showpiece for the place; it’s right in the middle of everything, no doubt owing to the recent teen vampire craze. Now, I have no beef with the Twilight series or Stephenie Meyer but I will never read any of these books. Morals or principles or standards don’t factor into it. Reading a Stephenie Meyer book is just one of those things that I don’t ever see myself doing, just as I don’t ever see myself running the Boston Marathon or eating a praying mantis. I did see the Twilight film and was mainly unimpressed, but still, I have nothing but the most out-and-out sort of ambivalence when it comes to the franchise. Well, perhaps I should say had nothing but the most out-and-out sort of ambivalence because I saw something yesterday at the bookstore that shook the foundation of my staunch irresoluteness.


Et tu, Austen-e?

This new cover is an obvious riff on the New Moon cover.


It may be difficult to make out the sentence at the top of the new Austen but it reads: “The love story that started it all.” So clearly these marketing masterminds are placing Twilight within the same continuum as Pride and Prejudice.

This whole thing is just really bizarre to me.


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Oh my. I only knew about the stir created by the new edition of Wuthering Heights (“Bella & Edward’s Favourite Book!”) but it looks as though a few publishers are cashing in on the trend…

Comment by Jess

Jeez, I hadn’t heard about the Wuthering Heights thing.

But I guess it isn’t too bad if it gets kids to read more. It’s the old bait and switch with a twist–they get something better than what they expected. Unless they expected vampires and werewolves, in which case…oh well.

Comment by ireadnow


Or perhaps they were expecting to pick up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Or even Sense and Sensibilities and Sea Monsters? Good grief…

Comment by Mae

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