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Heroes and Villains, The Dead Father, And Another Thing…, Angle of Yaw

the noobs (Red version)This is probably the most diverse group of books that I’ve ever purchased in the space of a week—Angle of Yaw by Ben Lerner is a book of prose poems nominated for the National Book Award a couple of years back; And Another Thing... by Eoin Colfer is sci-fi/humor; Heroes and Villains by David Hajdu is a collection of pop-culture essays; and The Dead Father by Donald Barthelme is surrealist fiction of the highest order. I’ve already started the Barthelme and I’m struggling. I chose to read it first because I thought I would move through it quickly since it’s less than 200 pages. But it’s so off the wall and different from anything that I’ve ever read (including the one short story of Barthelme’s that I read for class two years ago) that it takes me forever to finish a single page. In Housekeeping Vs. The Dirt, Nick Hornby says that if a book is no fun, then you should abandon it and find something better. The strange thing about The Dead Father is that it’s an incredibly difficult read but for some reason I really enjoy it. The book is sort of cool and has phrases in it like, “he took out his ancient prick.” I’d like to finish up with it, though, because I’m eager to dive into Lerner’s prose poems. He did a reading at my school and just blew me away with how intelligent he was. His prose poems are funny, insightful, and periodically about old-school video games. I suppose I could try to read both books at the same time but that would probably just make the going even slower.

noew books oct 18


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