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btt2 What words/phrases in a blurb make a book irresistible?


I’d consider any book touted as “surreal” and “hilarious” a godsend. Lately though, I’ve been finding that any time the back cover blurb mentions that a book is in any way comical, I end up feeling gypped. We all have a different understanding of what “funny” is, I realize that, and even when a book is said to be “hilarious” or “hysterical,” I’m not so naïve—or easily deceived by marketing gimmicks—to believe that I’ll be busting a gut as I flip through its pages. But if the book fails to make me crack a smile or even think, “Ah yes, now that sentence was rather humorous” as I adjust my monocle, then I’d say that that back cover blurb failed to deliver on its promise.

What I usually find most useful in selecting books are those little author endorsement quotes. If another writer that I like has said that he/she enjoyed the book then I’ll probably buy it. I know that writers share publishers and publishers ask more established/successful writers to provide these sorts of quotes for up-and-comers, but I doubt anyone would ever cosign something that was horrible.

The thing that I find slightly baffling these days, is the use of Twilight to market classics (something that I’ve brought up before.)



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I usually get books that have been recommend by someone or that I like the cover. And I have never read a Twilight book. I’m not into vampires. Have a great day!

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Comment by Sherrie

Yes, when I see an “Oprah” sticker on a book, it is a definite deterrent! I am in the minority when it comes to reading classics – So many people read them, but I just don’t enjoy them. I am finding lately that I enjoy Memoirs and Biographies more than fiction – especially when the story is about an animal. I know that they are sometimes sad, but I enjoy those books more than others.

Comment by Missy

Oh! Lil’ mama likes those covers. Here is mine

Comment by Bluestocking

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