Yup, I Read Now

The Corrections; Eating the Dinosaur

the noobs (Red version)Both of these books were purchased in Las Vegas during my “vacation,” which just goes to show that I am, at my core,  a book buying fool. The Chuck Klosterman book was something that I’d been looking forward to for a while. Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs is one of my favorite books and Chuck Klosterman IV has the most incredible interview with Val Kilmer in it (Kilmer is out of his mind!). I’ve already started reading Eating the Dinosaur and so far it hasn’t blown my mind. Of course, there are some interesting essays–right now my favorite is one in which Klosterman dissects the concept of time travel–but the book just feels a little too meta. This may be a byproduct of Chuck Klosterman’s increased notoriety. He’s a pop culture critic and, with his success, has essentially become a piece of pop culture. I think he loves this but it also seems that it’s something that makes him uncomfortable. I bought The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen because it’s just one of those books that you’re “supposed” to read and I often find myself eyeing it at bookstores. It only cost $3.99 at Borders on the bargain rack and I just couldn’t pass that up. $3.99 is less than what I pay for stuff at the used book store.

corrections and eating the dinosaur