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Adam Goldberg
October 23, 2009, 4:27 am
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Saw this picture when I opened iTunes today.

I already love Adam Goldberg (if you haven’t seen 2 Days in Paris, you should probably get on that) but there’s something about all of those books stacked up behind him that’s really working for me. I think I might just love him a little bit more now. Here’s his playlist:

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Book Adventures-Sherman Alexie Reading

adventures (red version)This week is sort of unofficially “Author Week.” I just got back from one of the most phenomenal readings ever.

This is what I learned:

Sherman Alexie is a funny human being, hilarious even.

I was a TA for a Native American Literature and Film class this summer and we devoted nearly half of the session to Alexie’s fiction, poetry, and films. The humor in his work is always sharp (and seamlessly interwoven with all of the cultural criticism and drama) but I never expected him to be as funny as he was. I laughed more tonight than I do watching Comedy Central stand-up.

To quote Smoke Signals, one of my favorite films, the evening was a “fine example of the oral tradition.”

…and he was nice enough to sign books for everyone in attendance (the place was packed, so no small feat).


I’ve only read a few pieces in War Dances but tonight has inspired me to try and finish it up this weekend. Or at least read it in conjunction with the Wodehouse, which I started last night.

Yay for my (lack of) photography skills…

IMG_0092Sherman Alexie