Yup, I Read Now

Working Class Hero Reporting From the Trenches (via iPhone)
October 9, 2009, 6:52 pm
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iread (red new)Will this day ever end?

I fear I’ll have grown a long white beard and require hip replacement surgery by the time it’s finally over (though the huge zit on my cheek should have cleared up by then).

All right, so I’ve only been at work for an hour but the day is already dragging or lagging or whatever the appropriate word is. It’s a good thing I brought Wodehouse with me(!) For reasons unknown to this part-time video store clerk, it’s easier reading this book at work than at home.

You see, I’ve been having some concentration problems.

The book is funny, for sure, but the language is old timey, ‘rather’ British, and apparently no match for those zany Housewives of Atlanta. But here the only distractions are the work I’m supposed to be doing and all these (easily ignored) customers asking me questions.

Ah, here comes one right now.